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Pablo Ice Cold and Pablo X Ice Cold are two of the most popular nicotine pouches in Europe and in the UK. It´s also popular in Norway. Billig Pablo Snus pa nett till Norge!

Both Pablo Ice Cold and Pablo X Ice Cold include 30 mg/g nicotine – Pablo nicotine pouches, the strongest nicotine pouches in the World! Pablo X Ice Cold gives you an even more cold, icy feeling when you put the nicotine pouches under your upper lip. Super strong nicotine bags with a content of as much as 30mg/g! The nicotine bags have a cool taste of mint and deliver a very powerful experience.

Buy Pablo Snus Pablo Nicotine pouches! Strongest nicotine pouches in the World!

This is the new generation of SNUS! It works just like a traditional SNUS, but it has many advantages:
* Your teeth will remain white
* Your clothes and mouth will remain clean
* Good taste
Use: Place one tobacco-free nicopod (SNUS) under your upper lip. Time of action: 5-30 minutes.
Ingredients: cellulose, PH-adjustment, humectant, nicotine, aroma, water, preservative.
Pieces in can: 20

Strongest nicotine pouches in the World – Pablo Ice Cold!

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Pablo Ice Cold rocks the UK! UK footballer´s lives Pablo Ice Cold!

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